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My Bucharest

My Bucharest; or, How Bucky Barnes Made My Life That Much Better By Hannah J. Rothman In 2014, two things happened. That spring, Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out and I, a life-long Marvel movie fan with a prior … Continue reading

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Folks, have I got a sad story for you.

Fortunately this has nothing to do with the progress of Twitter Who 4, but it is a Who-related misfortune that befell me last week. Back in January, I sent a fan package to Twelfth Doctor and Generally All-Around Excellent Human … Continue reading

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“Doctor Who will only have a Christmas special this year and no Season 10 until next spring? Oh no, what will we do??“

– *sidles up* Hello friend! Can I interest you in some… ~*~*~*~Big Finish Audio Dramas?~*~*~*~ “But Hannah, what are Big Finish audio dramas?” – I’m glad you asked! Big Finish is a company that specializes in audiobooks and full-cast audio … Continue reading

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The Best of Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions

I don’t go to a lot of music shows, but being a child of the 90s, this one was a bit special. Debuting at the Pokemon World Championships in Washington DC in 2014, Symphonic Evolutions is in the middle of … Continue reading

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Life, the Universe, and the Murf

Let’s talk about music videos. This is a medium that I have sort of mixed feelings about. On one hand, music videos are very much an art form unto themselves: little packets of the craft of merging music and visuals … Continue reading

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Tales from Chicago TARDIS: A Little Story About Fandom (and Colin Baker)

This is actually only partly my story, but it’s still one worth telling. Back after my very first Doctor Who convention, I wrote about what a family the Whofolk are and what an amazing experience it was for me to … Continue reading

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Chicago TARDIS and Twitter Who Volume 2

This weekend I’ll be partaking in a quick Thanksgiving dinner with my parents before breezing off to the Windy City for my second Chicago TARDIS. I was there last year for the launch of Outside In, which featured a piece … Continue reading

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