Folks, have I got a sad story for you.

Fortunately this has nothing to do with the progress of Twitter Who 4, but it is a Who-related misfortune that befell me last week.

Back in January, I sent a fan package to Twelfth Doctor and Generally All-Around Excellent Human Being Peter Capaldi. In it, I included a letter, some fan art, a self-addressed envelope (common courtesy if you’re hoping for a reply, so I’m told) and a copy of Twitter Who volume 1. The good news is, it looks like that all reached him just fine because I discovered to my ecstatic delight that my SAE was in my mailbox Thursday afternoon.

But it looks like I may have been robbed. Upon sprinting back up to my apartment, I flipped the envelope around to open it…only to discover to my horror that it had already been opened and the contents removed. All that was inside was a cardboard backing slip. The envelope was one of those yellow envelopes with the folding metal pins. Upon closer inspection, it looks like pins had been folded back (which is why I suspect the contents were stolen and didn’t simply fall out) and no adhesive had been added to properly seal it.

I filed a report with the USPS, but upon bringing the fateful envelope to the local post office, they said there wasn’t really anything they could do, since this was the contents of a letter and not something like a package that they could track. I’ve also, at the recommendation of a few people, emailed the agency about this. No replies yet.

Since I’m meeting Peter Capaldi (and Jenna Coleman) at Awesome Con in June, I’m not terribly concerned about a lost autograph. However, it seems to be common practice for PCap to include personal letters in his fanmail replies, and that’s what I’m particularly devastated about. Did he write back thanking me for the book? Did he like the fan art? Who knows? I’ll probably never know. But to be honest, I’m glad I got the empty envelope instead of no envelope at all, because that at least proves that he did take the time to reply to me, a lowly Tweeter who considers him a personal hero. I only wish something hadn’t gotten in the way there.

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2 Responses to Folks, have I got a sad story for you.

  1. Red Connelly says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this frustrating event. Did you ever find out what happened? How did your meeting with Peter go??

    • crystal says:

      Amazingly, there was a sort of resolution! I didn’t get my stuff back, but I did get a small bit of compensation from the agency. I’ll make a separate post about that and the meeting with Peter (long story short, he smiled a lot and shook my hand and liked my fan art and was basically really lovely for the 20 seconds or so I had with him), so keep an eye out for that.

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