“Doctor Who will only have a Christmas special this year and no Season 10 until next spring? Oh no, what will we do??“

– *sidles up* Hello friend! Can I interest you in some…

~*~*~*~Big Finish Audio Dramas?~*~*~*~

“But Hannah, what are Big Finish audio dramas?”

– I’m glad you asked! Big Finish is a company that specializes in audiobooks and full-cast audio plays. They make stories for all kinds of stuff like Dark Shadows, Blake’s 7, Pathfinder, The Avengers (UK), and more, but they’re best known for Doctor Who! They’ve been keeping the Classic Series alive in its own way by reuniting the old casts for brand new adventures through time and space!

“That sounds cool! But where do I start?”

– Another excellent question! Big Finish’s epic Whoniverse catalog is a bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand, the sheer quantity of stories is bound to be a bit daunting to newcomers. But on the other hand, there’s so much to choose from that there’s something for everyone! Also, the earliest Main Range stories are on a permanent price reduction, so you can get dozens of great stories for the low low price of just 2.99 each! So, what are you in the mood for?

“I want to check out an underrated Doctor!”

– Great! Here, start with Storm Warning and go on some adventures with Paul McGann in his triumphant return as the Eighth Doctor!

“I want to know more about the Doctor’s old friends!”

– Then it sounds like the Companion Chronicles are just for you!

“I want to meet some new companions!”

– Looks like you’re on the right path with Storm Warning and the excellent Charley Pollard, but also take a look at The Marian Conspiracy and the inimitable Evelyn Smythe, or even The Eye of the Scorpion and the fantastic Erimem if you like historical AND diverse characters!

“I want to cry my eyes out!”

You have come to the right place, friend. The Holy Terror will do you good to start, as will Spare Parts, Project: Lazarus, Arrangements for War, Jubilee

“I want a good old-fashioned comedy!”

– Well, if you like self-parody, The One Doctor is where it’s at! And there’s also Bang-Bang-a-Boom! for all you Star Trek and Eurovision fans.

“I like Could Have Been’s!”

– That could go one of two ways. If you’re looking for TV stories that could have been made but weren’t, there’s The Lost Stories! If you’re looking for What If’s, you’ll want to check out Unbound!

“I want a long-running spin-off starring the supporting duo of an old Fourth Doctor serial!”

Jago and Litefoot. There is so much Jago and Litefoot.

“I want to explore the universe beyond the Doctor! Preferably with some cool female characters!”

– Ah, then I’ll bet you’d enjoy adventuring with Bernice Summerfield or Iris Wildthyme or hanging out with Romana and Leela in Gallifrey!

“I’m a New Who fan and I don’t know anything about the Classic series, and I’ve never listened to audio plays before. Help?”

– Friend, your timing couldn’t be better. As it happens, some very exciting developments are happening over at Big Finish at the moment, since they recently got the license to work with New Who material and that means if your wallet wasn’t suffering already it will be now a boatload of cool new stuff! There’s a bunch of things yet to be released, like the amazing Tenth Doctor Box Set (YES FRIEND YOU HEARD ME RIGHT DAVID TENNANT AND CATHERINE TATE ARE REPRISING THEIR ROLES AS TEN AND DONNA AND THAT IS AMAZING) and Classic Doctors New Monsters, but right now you can dive right in with The Diary of River Song or The War Doctor or UNIT: Extinction (with Kate Stewart and Osgood!) or even Torchwood!

“Wow, thanks! At this rate, I’ll survive this hiatus like nothing!”

– My pleasure!

“Wait, where did all my money go?”

– Exactly.

~*~*~*~Happy Listening, Whovians!~*~*~*~

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