Chicago TARDIS and Twitter Who Volume 2

This weekend I’ll be partaking in a quick Thanksgiving dinner with my parents before breezing off to the Windy City for my second Chicago TARDIS. I was there last year for the launch of Outside In, which featured a piece by me about the last Troughton story “The Macra Terror” (a commentary which will also be included in Twitter Who Volume 2).

Who 2 draftAnd speaking of Volume 2…

I’m hoping I can get that out by the end of year (just in time for Christmas!) At the moment I’m finishing up an exclusive feature for Volume 2: an Oh My God They Found The Thing revisited commentary for Enemy of the World, in light of its miraculous recovery and subsequent availability on iTunes. Then I get to spend a lot of time doing formatting (it’s an intensive process, trust me). But rest assured, it is in progress and nearing completion.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers, and to everyone else: have a great weekend!

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  1. danny says:

    I read and thuroughly enjoyed your first twitter who book and I would like you to know I am looking forward to the next volume and all the ones after that (you might want to split the 4th doctors run into 2 books when you get there, just a suggestion.

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